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Master the Science and Art of SLR and Meta-Analysis

SLR & Meta-analysis

Discover a world of knowledge at SLR and Meta-analysis Learning Centre. We offer:

- A wealth of resources on systematic reviews and meta-analysis

- Comprehensive training materials

- Collaborative hub for researchers.

Dive into our platform to enhance your research skills and stay ahead in the field of education.

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Professor Lecturing on Stage


Our mission is to serve as a leading global hub for meta-analysis and systematic literature reviews, seamlessly bridging disciplines and fostering collaboration among researchers, experts, stakeholders, academics, research students, practitioners, and decision-makers. We strive to advance the field of evidence synthesis through the promotion of innovation, development of cutting-edge methodologies, and facilitation of ideas exchange. By integrating capacity building and knowledge sharing, we aim to enhance the understanding and application of systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses, setting a foundation for informed decision-making and research practices.


Our vision is to lead in knowledge generation through systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis, catalyzing transformative discoveries across diverse fields. We aim to serve as a collaborative hub, fostering exploration, and empowering comprehensive understanding of critical societal topics, thereby driving impactful research and breakthroughs.

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Excellence & Rigor

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, rigor, and accuracy in our SLR and meta-analytical research. Trustworthy, credible, and significant results are our hallmarks, which we achieve through meticulous methodologies, analysis, and interpretation.

Innovation & Interdisciplinarity

We embrace innovation and multidisciplinary research, continuously exploring novel methodologies and technologies to advance the field of SLR and meta-analysis. Our commitment to pushing boundaries uncovers new insights and solutions to challenging issues.


We deeply believe in the power of cooperation and interdisciplinary networks. Fostering a culture of inclusivity, open communication, and knowledge sharing, we actively seek partnerships and engage with researchers and experts from diverse industries and backgrounds.

Impact & Accessibility

We are driven to generate a positive societal impact, prioritizing research topics with real-world implications. We strive to make our research findings accessible to diverse audiences, ensuring tangible outcomes that inform decision-making, influence policies, and contribute to the well-being of communities.


Adherence to the principles of scientific integrity, ethics, and transparency is central to our work. We ensure accountability in our research processes, maintaining clarity in our methods, assumptions, and limitations.


Toronto, Ontario


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