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Journal Publications by the team

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  2. Bujaki, M., Lento, C., Butt, I., Anderson, N. & Ogima, C., (2022). A Systematic Literature Review of Indigenous Peoples and Accounting Research: Introducing Critical Indigenous Theory as a Step toward Relationship, Respect and Reconciliation, Accounting Forum, DOI: 10.1080/01559982.2022.2051295.

  3. Lento, C., Butt, I., Merridee, B., Anderson*, N. & Ogima*, C., (2021). Indigenous Peoples and Accounting Research from a Canadian Perspective – Using a Systematic Literature Review to Promote Inquiry and Inclusion, Accounting Perspective, 20 (4), 771-806.

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  5. Ahmad, N., Aghdam, R.F., Butt, I. & Naveed, A. (2020). Citation-Based Systematic Literature Review of Energy-Growth Nexus: An overview of the Field and Content Analysis of the top 50 influential papers. Energy Economics, 86, 104642

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